License What You Hear
On plays mini-versions of songs represented by Surfview Publishing (BMI) and Surfview Licensing (ASCAP) so that music supervisors can quickly find that "perfect song", request a quote and then license it. Both the sync and master licenses are immediately available.

Buy What You Hear

To expand the public's awareness of these songs,  we sell the full versions through   

Click on the "Buy Now" link next to the song that you like and you'll go to where you can easily buy the full version as a 44,100 Hz 128K MP3 download.

Know that the artists, songwriters and master owners are compensated very fairly with the proceeds from your purchase.

Watch Us Grow

We continue to update our catalog and playlist with works from new artists and songwriters. Look for their dynamic links to appear in the near future.

On behalf of all involved, thank you for your patronage.  And, tell a friend.

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